Our Process
Orchestrating Details to Bring Focus
What makes a comprehensive energy plan so challenging? Watch this short 30-second video.
Distinct workflows have been created to tackle the unique complexities of each energy system. Our process is agnostic about specific energy improvements and brands in the building energy space. We sit on the side of the facility owner, choosing the solutions that make the most sense for each situation. With a roadmap established, we direct the entire implementation process, which improves communication between FacilityIG, vendors and the client.
Total Energy Management Solution
A discovery call and facility list are all we need to create a customized SCOPING REPORT, ranking your facilities in order of potential energy savings and decarbonization. This is your first step toward a comprehensive plan and tells us where to mine for more robustly engineered solutions.

Contact us to set up a discovery and Scoping Report, the first step in creating your comprehensive roadmap to sustainability.
Top sites are targeted for a more in-depth audit which is the basis for a recommended series of engineered solutions. Estimated savings, decarbonization, and preliminary financial models are organized into a detailed CONCEPTUAL PROPOSAL.
As the plan comes into focus, financial models are determined with more specificity, culminating in a PROPOSAL that lays out all targets in preparation for implementation.
We steward the implementation process with open-book construction management. Part of this process involves leveraging the increased efficiency available through integrated upgrades. By offering multiple services with a single point of contact, we make the implementation stage more efficient from start to finish. We also offer financial resources to optimize return on investment. Targets are revisited as needed with cost-saving in mind.
We present trending reports, which can be as detailed as measuring every installed upgrade in real time. Data is used used to adjust decision-making. The best results are achieved when adjustment is built into each process rather than adhering to rigid formulas.
Methods are set into place for ongoing review to ensure you’ll continue to get the most from your investment going forward.
Contact us for a discovery call and Scoping Report, first step in creating your comprehensive roadmap to sustainability
Begin your roadmap to sustainability.
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